Port-A-Torch® Outfit

Classic Welding, Brazing and Cutting Outfit with Hose, Striker, and Goggles in a Convenient Carrier

Kit is designed to weld, cut and braze. It includes hose striker and goggles in a convenient carrying case. Model 85601-200 DLX comes with cylinders, Model 85601-200 STD comes without cylinders.


This classic Port-A-Torch® deluxe kit contains all the quality equipment needed for cutting, welding and brazing packaged in a rugged, molded plastic carrying case. The outfit is designed to carry one MC acetylene cylinder and one 20 cu. ft. oxygen cylinder. As supplied, the outfit is capable of cutting up to a 1″ plate and welding up to a 1/16″ plate. The outfit can also cut up to a 4″ plate and weld up to a 1/2″ plate with optional larger tips and an acetylene cylinder. There is a 7-year warranty on the regulators and a 1-year warranty on all other components.

Goggles, Striker, 12′ x 3/16″ Hose, 20 CU. FT. OXY. CYL., 10 CU. FT. “MC” ACET. CYL. (cylinders shipped empty)

Torch Handle: 85
Torch Head Angle: 90°
Cutting Tip: 6290-0AC
Welding & Brazing Tip: 23A90-3
Cutting Attachment: 72-3
Recommended Attachments: 4301650 – 88-5FBT R&L FBA, 4301651 – 88-5FBR R&L

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